Sales Prospecting Automation Software

Generate 300% more leads per hour from social networks

Prospect from social networks. Discover contact information. Sync prospects to your CRM.

Accelerate lead generation
Triple the amount of leads
from social networks.

Automated contact info discovery
Prospect email addresses. Phone
numbers. Social media accounts.

Sync prospects to your CRM
Add prospect records to your
CRM or spreadsheet.

What is SalesIntelligent?

SalesIntelligent is a sales prospecting tool that accelerates your lead generation from social networks. It speeds up lead generation by automatically discovering contact information for prospects on social networks and syncing their data with your CRM.

SalesIntelligent automatically pulls key prospect data from social networks then discovers prospects email addresses, phone numbers, and social media accounts and imports all of their data into your CRM. You can generate three times the amount of leads from social networks in the same time you could do it manually.

Our customers

I've used a bunch of tools for lead generation. SalesIntelligent is my favorite.

Rachman Blake, AppHeroes

SalesIntelligent significantly speeds up your sales team's lead generation from social networks. This is the best way to accelerate your sales pipeline and get more qualified appointments with prospects.

Pierce Clair, Brightstar

If I need things quick, I like software to be simple and easy to use. SalesIntelligent fits right into that category. I get contact details faster than I ever have before. Highly recommended.

Build prospecting lists faster.

Accelerate lead generation on social networks with automated contact information discovery.

Export prospects to Salesforce.

Export prospects from SalesIntelligent into a spreadsheet, Salesforce or your CRM.

Capture full contact information.

First name, last name, title, company, industry, location, email address, phone number, social media accounts and more.

Discover hidden prospects.

Discover contact information for prospects that are not accessible via social networks.

Accelerate your lead generation.